Who can invest?

Who can participate in a Rougemont syndicated property investment operated as an Non-Mainstream Pooled Investment (‘NMPI’)?

Rougemont is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) and is authorised to operate and promote NMPI.

In accordance with the strict regulatory framework operated by the FCA, NMPI cannot be promoted to Retail Investors and can only be offered to the following categories of individuals and corporate entities:

  • Investment Professionals, Authorised FCA Persons who are defined, according to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, as having professional experience of participating in NMPI for the purpose of their business.
  • Sophisticated Investors, Investors who are self-certified, or who have been certified by an FCA Authorised Person as sufficiently knowledgeable to understand the risks associated with participating in a NMPI and who have signed a requisite Certified Sophisticated Investor declaration form.
  • High Net Worth Individuals, Investors who have self-certified, or who have been certified by an FCA Authorised Person, confirming that during the financial year immediately preceding the date on which the certificate was signed held an annual income of not less than £100,000, or net assets of not less than £250,000, excluding their primary residence and benefits from life policies.
  • Existing Investors, Investors in similar NMPI as detailed in COB 4.12 of the FCA Handbook.

Under FCA regulations it is necessary for Rougemont to verify the status of all prospective syndicate investment clients to ensure that they fall within one of the above permitted categories.

Confirmation of prospective clients’ investor status must be received by Rougemont in advance of any information or promotional material in respect of investment opportunities being provided.

Certification Forms

Certification forms for individuals who qualify for the exemption from the restriction on the promotion of non-mainstream pooled investments listed in COBS 4.12.4 of the FCA Handbook can be found by clicking on one of the relevant links below.

Rougemont is unable to promote any syndicated investment opportunities to prospective clients without first of all being in receipt of a signed Certification Form.